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Yamaha P515 three-pedal unit malfunctioning

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Yes, woe is me. Specifically, and starting today: the sustain pedal seems to intermittently not release all the way, leaving any following notes to ring as if I'm half pedaling (not full sustain). Repedaling a couple of times will get them to cut off. Has anyone had similar issues and is this something I can repair/adjust myself? Because I'll be damned if I will haul the whole piano/furniture stand down to my warranty (which ends next month) repair guy. Because it seems like that's what would need to happen.


I have a single pedal to hold me over, but I really do use the sostenuto pedal more than I expected. Any advice would be appreciated.

Yamaha P515, Pianoteq, Mainstage, iOS, assorted other stuff.

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It sounds like the issue is with the sustain pedal potentiometer. A tech would be able to check the pedal out without needing the piano. While changing the pot out may be possible I would first contact your dealer and/or Yamaha and see if they"ll replace your entire pedal unit. Surprisingly this isn"t very expensive.


yamaha LP-1 Pedal Unit


(Edit: Dave beat me to it)

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