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Is it just me?


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Logged out of MPN?


It happens to me every few days or so. I always click "Remember me" on the way back in as that seems to last longer.


For all the glory and wonder of this site - and I've really enjoyed my time here - it's pretty glitchy in terms of the coding.


An inevitable aspect of a small or non-existent budget and probably lots of volunteer hours.

The site if free, it's worth that and then some.


I am also on Model Mayhem as a photographer and they are constantly putting out fires over there. The moderators are all volunteer and I don't know who is coding but the work is not on par with a site like Apple's or Microsoft's.

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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Could be a few drops now and then due to everyone staying home during the virus and clogging the net. Doing School lessons, working from home, boredom, games, etc. I haven't had any problems so far but now and then I will get a "site not responding"...probably due to the info in the above article on world wide usage peaks. :cool:

Take care, Larryz
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