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OT: My recipe for lock a down cabin fever cure.


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My recipe for lock a down cabin fever cure. @ 5 PM place two frozen fresh squeezed lemon juice ice cubes (or about 6 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice), then add 2 shots of Cazul Tequila, add about 3 helpings of stevia, stir, add 16 oz of berry flavored sparkling water, stir again, then drink over a few minutes. Shortly after drinking some of it, the cabin fever is cured for a nice evening of TV, or music, cards, chatting with family, pickin and a grinnin,. Then repeat an hour before bed time. It tastes like lemon-aid with a little kick. Smiles ensue. :cheers:
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Sounds good to me!

I'll take a pass on the stevia, I am not that into sweets.

I like sour, is good. Tequila good too.


These days it's a small coffee cup full of dry red wine and maybe a puff or two since we are now a legal cannabis state.

Guitar, there is always guitar. And lately, a bit of fretless bass, I am starting to get the hang of that. Love it!!!! Cheers, Kuru

It took a chunk of my life to get here and I am still not sure where "here" is.
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Type II Diabetic Margarita...I put a 750 bottle of Cuervo clear blue agave tequila on the shopping list as it was on sale for $9 bucks and I planned to drink a shot and a half on ice in the evening(s). The wife called from the store and said when you buy a bottle on sale you can get a bottle of Cuervo margarita mix for a penny. I said go ahead and buy it for you, as I can't drink it, as it's probably loaded with sugar. When she got home I was amazed to see that the mix she bought (Cuervo Light) had zero sugar! So I filled a couple of tall glasses with crushed ice, a shot of tequila and added the light mix to the top and stirred. Within a few seconds I had two margaritas. I thought to myself it probably won't taste that good, but to my further amazement it tasted just right. So I sent her back for a couple of limes and a little tub of Cuervo Margarita salt (as I like a salted rim and the wife does not like the salt). Now we are both happy campers while stuck at home as she also liked the juice mix...Now if you want two shots of Tequila, you just make yourself another one LOL! :crazy:


ps. I'm going to pull out my nylon acoustic when the next round comes around and play a little Latin Lorenzo Z style and I won't care if it's a little out of tune... :cheers:

Take care, Larryz
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