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dada, am I alone in my admiration?

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I used to be a record chain buyer. One day a cd came in with a troll getting crushed in a vice grip. No that's entertainment! 1992.


Since then I started buying their cd's as they were released. Everytime I have them on, and a fellow musician hears it they ask "who is that playing guitar."


I have never heard them on the radio and only saw a video once, for their only hot DizzKneeland. Somehow, I never researched the band and didn't know the band members names, until I thought I would write this quick blurb on them.


If you are ever in the mood for well written rock and pop tunes with a sarcastic edge, and fine guitar playing, check out this trio. They are worth the $4 that you can pay to pick up a used copy of their debut cd at Amazon. El Subliminoso

for $9.


Anyone else hear of them/like 'em?

There is no substitute.
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Yes! WDST in Woodstock N.Y. got behind them and played them quite a bit on the radio. Great guitar playing, totally free of any trickery or heavy processing-just talent. Great songs too-they had to change the spelling of that single after the real Disneyland started growling about trademark infringement.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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Our singer's a big fan, she got us to put "Dim" on the setlist. I've only heard that song and DizKneeLand, but I really like 'em.


Lots of people seem to recognize "Dim," and we get lots of props for having some Dada on the setlist, so I guess they're not too obscure around here.

band link: bluepearlband.com

music, lessons, gig schedules at dennyf.com


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Those guys totally rock. Not a bad song on the "Puzzle" record.


The drummer is also in the Blue Man Group.


I know they disbanded for a while, but I just missed 'em in Phoenix a while back. I'ma get the rest of there work soon. :)



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After reading this thread, I bought "American Highway Flower" at a used CD place here. I played it at band practice that night, and we were all impressed. We thought these guys might be a studio musician super group, but don't really know. Their web site was down or unavailable, with a one page cryptic message about their webmaster, so they may be no more. But the musicianship was great, with clever lyrics and apparently little studio trickery, just straight ahead rock. It's probably a twist of fate that they appeared in the peak of grunge, or they should have made a bigger wave in the music world.



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