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RIP Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk)

Dr Nursers

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Another pioneer gone. The wheel turns, but where are we going to see another guy like Florian? When Ralf goes, we will truly be at the end of an era...


Wherever you are, Florian, I wish you happiness, peace, and at long last the ability to play flute without being drowned out.



Dr. Mike Metlay (PhD in nuclear physics, golly gosh) :D

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Listening to 70's-80's era Kraftwerk was one of the major influences that got me into synths in the first place!

Godspeed, Florian. You've influenced many musicians in many genres.


I agree, me too!

And that interest completely impacted the rest of my life.

Because of Kraftwerk:

  • 1. I bought an Arp Axxe with all of my paper route money in ~1979.
  • 2. Because of that Arp, I knew something about synths, and thus got a job at a great local music store in the 80's as the "keyboard guy".
  • 3. Because I had that job, I was exposed me to more cool equipment, the best local musicians, and local bands.
  • 4. Because of that knowledge gained, instrumental analysis topics in upper level chemistry classes were relatively easy for me (compared to classmates). Why? Because I already had a practical understanding of basic electronic design, high pass filters, oscillators, frequency modulation, Fourier transforms, etc.


Thus, my current job is directly due to Kraftwerk.


Still listen to them almost daily for inspiration.


Thank you Florian for being such a pioneer, both musically and artistically.

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This is such a great loss... Florian was the melodic part of Kraftwerk. His flute parts were mesmerising...


I discovered Kraftwerk 47 years ago, at the age of twelve. ("a band without guitars..") No other band influenced my synthesizer music more than they did. No any other band had such a great influence on the influencers like David Bowie and Vince Clarke. What would hiphop be without the music of those four boys from Dusseldorf, Germany? EDM, the longest prospering popular music style was heavily influenced by Kraftwerk as well.


Wat was the influence of Kraftwerk exactly? For example, EDM as we know it started in 1971. Take about 15 minutes to watch this video:


If you have the courage to watch the video from the beginning you can see the audience going into confusion...


I was lucky enough to see Kraftwerk playing live for several times. Great, warm parties these gigs were. Before the word 'interaction' was invented Kraftwerk let the audience interact on compact 'pocket calculators' during the performance of the song "Taschenrechner". They inspired me to open up my Casio calculator and soldered an Ibanez Auto-filter on the circuit board. It worked. (hardly)


So... all good things come to an end and so did Florian.

:keys: My Music:thx: I always wondered what happened after the fade out?
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