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Help with moving from iMIDIPatchbay to Camelot Pro

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I"ve been using iMIDIPatchbay for live use for a few years and am quite happy with it. That said, I"ve discovered Camelot pro and am drawn to the convenience of having both of my hardware synths supported (Yamaha Motif XF and Korg Kronos). That"s just too good to not convert.


That being said, I also want to move to adding plugin sort synths for live use. I"m pretty clear on bringing them in on iMIDIPatchbay, but in looking at Camelot, it seems to be restricted to auv3 apps only. The apps I"d like to use don"t seem to work (neo soul keys, synthtronic and D1) don"t seem to work in Camelot. Is there a work around for this?


Any added tips or thoughts on making the move to Camelot Pro? The support for my current instruments makes it a no brained, but guess I"ll have to wait on virtual synths for now or find some that are auv3 apps. Anybody seen a list of these? I can"t seem to find one and have blown too much money on iTunes on apps it doesn"t appear can be used in Camelot Pro.



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I"ve been using AUM for quite awhile - not for gigs - but lately have given Camelot another try. The interface is so opposite that of AUM it"s taking some time to get used to.


Camelot iOS doesn"t support Inter-App Audio (I recall reading that format may be dropped by Apple anyway). Neo-Soul Keys Studio / Studio 2 and Moog D are AUv3 and will load & work. I don't own (Audiokit) D1 or (iK) Syntronik but they're listed as AU's. Not sure where you're getting that none of these will work.


Great & useful list of AUv3 apps


BTW welcome to KC.


victoria bc

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I'm currently setting up Camelot on Ipad and enjoying it, enjoying it so far. I've had a few glitches, mainly using D1 FM synth. I alos emailed the camelot guys and I'm missing the option for effects and thats apparently coming in the next few month so looking forward to that. I also hope they add inter-app audio as would like to use the Korg apps but currently sticking to mainly TAL-UNO, Poison 202, Synthmaster, Hammond B3-X and Pure Synth which all seem reliable so far.
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