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WTRent: Korg X3 or X3R


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Hey Keyboardians,


Happy Quarantine! One of the projects I've undertaken during the last month or so is pulling my module rack out of the garage and putting it back in my studio. I was super lucky and found a Korg X3R on CL in Vegas a couple of years ago for $75. Another $100 to replace the floppy drive / belt and I'm in business...or so I thought. The repair didn't take and I still have some floppy disks from 1993-1996 that I'd like to transfer to a modern DAW. I've put an ad on the Denver CL to rent one locally, but methinks these are fairly rare after 27 years?


If anyone would be interested in helping me out with a rental, I'd pay shipping both ways + a rental fee for a known good unit. Yeah, I know that I can probably find another X3R for $150, but it'll likely be in the same shape this one is with the floppy drive belt. Thanks for considering.


CLONK HERE in case you have so many synths you're not sure what these look like!



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No idea about the X3R, but some floppy drive (I'm thinking K2000 and possibly later) Kurzweil) required the little jumper on the drive to be in the opposite position from the usual as delivered for computer use. Been a long time, but I think that was the early way of deciding which floppy was boot and which was the second way back when. I don't think all drives have the jumper, and don't remember enough to know which do; but that might solve your repair issue.

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I would if I had one, but I don"t. They show up in the Midwest Music Go Rounds a fair bit though.


There"s an X3 on Goodwill"s online auction site right now, not that it"s any better than what you have and it"s not super cheap. Here you go anyways. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/92647272

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