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Crumar Mojo Black Limited Editions


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The single manual and dual manual Mojos are now available in black with reverse color keys. It looks like they are only available from Sweetwater, Perfect Circuit, and Thomann at present. Let's see if Korg follows and offers reverse keys on the Continental.



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The SV1 released a reverse-colored keyboard several years ago.




Someone then had issues with broken keys and Korg was unable to supply the keys in the reverse colors. They had to buy regular keys and paint them; so be careful what you wish for.

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The single manual and dual manual Mojos are now available in black with reverse color keys.

As far as I know, the dual manual reverse key units were a limited run from a few years back....and Andrea told me Crumar is still not able to ship... :idk:



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Looks cool, but my brain would probably have a hard time playing it.


Which brings up the notion of a 'brain-lock-to-keyboard' - I have this. If I play a piano keyboard I have difficulty playing (but I can struggle through) if it is not weighted like a real piano. My fingers strike dynamically - loud-soft looking for the hammer-action-feel. Conversely, when I play synth or organ my brain goes into 'accordion-mode' brain lock. I played accordion (like a lot of organ players) as a child. I play this mode completely different (pressing) and it is automatic and mentally locked to the keyboard - or my tactile, touch-response is 'brain-locked'



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