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Mercora P2P Radio

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Mercora is a new service started by the guy who founded McAfee (the anti-virus software - I assume he cashed out and has lots of play money).


It allows you to stream music on the web from your hard drive. They claim to have purchased a blanket license from the Performance Rights Societies, making this streaming completely legal.


Windows only, and still in Beta (but seems to work fine so far).


If you're brave enough to download the software (I didn't have any fear), my station is seriousfun.


I directed the software to a folder on my computer (I have no idea how easy it would be for someone to hack into my computer through this, but it seems unlikely), and it seems to be streaming just great. All the songs in this folder are, in fact, legally mine, in case you are wondering.


Supposedly, it is against your license to request a song from a station, of for a station to play a song by request. This is a stream, not a file-share, but I wonder if something like Total Recorder could record it anyway, for re-conversion to MP3.


You can also share photos through this, and chat.


Could this be a revenue stream for indie artists? Since Mercora has a blanket license from BMI, ASCAP, etc., if you put your own BMI registered songs on your own Mercora station, wouldn't BMI have to pay you your share (a pittance, but something)?

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