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OT- Any Good Sitcoms?

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Are there any?


I haven't really liked any since Seinfeld. I've watched a few, but they all seemed, well, lame!


Like that Raymond show for instance. Sorry, I don't 'love him'. I like Peter Boyle, but Ray and his wife annoy me. I thought the Damon Wayons thing was funny for a show or two, but then I saw a few lame ones, and lost interest. Then there's that UPS guy married to Leah, Lea, Lei, uh something. Uhhh, UPS guys don't get those babes (sorry UPS guys!).


So, any good stuff out there? All these channels, and I can't find doodly squat to watch. There's only so much History/News/Science stuff I can watch. And the Sopranos are over on Sunday!


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I watched 'Seinfeld', too. Also, I admited watching a lot of Friends back in the day. 'The Simpsons' is a long time favorite to me (although is not a sitcom perse). The only sitcom I actually sit and watch nowadays is 'The King of Queens'. And that's because I love Leah Remini. :love: Every now and then I catch an episode of 'That 70s Show'.

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Arrested Development. Best non-cable comedy I've seen since Seinfeld. Really above average and the cast is melding in to a good ensemble.


They're running the pilot and season finale tonight on Fox. Check it out. :D

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Every time I see a sitcom I feel like I'm seeing the same jokes that were old in vaudeville days and the same stupid plot lines. The only shows I find that do something new and creative and really make me laugh are the cartoon shows: "Simpsons", and some of the shows that come on Cartoon Network late at night, like "Family Guy" and "Aqua Teen Hunger Force". These aren't kids' cartoons, they get pretty twisted. Being cartoons, normal rules don't apply. That means they can operate outside of the audience expectations that sitcoms have to work within, and they have a lot more leeway with the censors, because cartoon characters don't have to be role models. "Family Guy"'s doing so well in syndication that it's being brought back for a third network run.
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I find many people here are either too hip or too smug about network tv in general to enjoy any of them. Oh, well, doesn't bother me. I enjoy several and while there are several that hold no interest for me, I can appreciate why others like 'em.


Of course Friends and Frasier are technically off the air, but I loved Frasier and enjoyed Friends. Here are some others.


  • Scrubs - On the surface, Scrubs is a modern day screwball comedy. But there's a lot more going on than pratfalls on this show. Perhaps the best laugh-out-loud comedy that addresses issues with an underlying serious tone.. and does it very well.
  • Will & Grace - Even better with the wonderful celebrity guest stars that have been a mainstay the past few seasons. Harry Connick Jr., Woody Harrelson, Debbie Reynolds, John Cleese, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, James Earl Jones, Mira Sorvino, Blythe Danner, Michael Douglas, Rip Torn, Kevin Bacon, and more.
  • Everyone Loves Raymond - Well.. everyone doesn't love Raymond. But if you come from a loud, ethnic family chances are you'll get a kick out of this show. Peter Boyle is wonderful as an unrepentant anachronism.

The era of 3 Law & Order shows, NYPD Blue, ER, Third Watch, 2 CSI shows, The Practice (yeah, it's off the air now), Cold Case, JAG, Navy NCIS and one or two other cop/court shows plus the plethora of reality TV has left most networks with fewer sitcoms. With Frasier and Friends gone, it will be interesting to see what they fill these spots with. I have to assume one will be the Matt LeBlanc/Joey Tribiani spin-off of Friends.

My hope is that reality tv folds in on itself in the next season or two. Then a lot of broadcast real estate will open up for new sitcoms.

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I like Dharma & Greg, like alot of shows I've discovered it in reruns, hey its on now! Cool theme tune too, every good show has a distinctive theme tune.



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