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Any of you dudes upgrade from DP3 to DP4 ? and for that matter Pro-Tools 5. whatever to version 6


Reason I ask, is that I'm having a dilemma if I should or shouldnt upgrade.


Machine 1 - Mac 450Mhz 768memory xtrnal HD/CDRW

DP3 - I basically just use it as a Digital Tape Recorder, get my midi going, change to audio, mix (via 2408MKII to a DM24) mix to taste, sending it to


Machine 2 - Mac 733Mhz 1gig, xtrnal HD/CDRW

Pro-Tools 5.1 (and a hellavu lotta plug-s all paid for) I master in this machine and store to two track mixes in here. THAT'S IT


to upgrade both machines, for there newer counterparts, I'd need OSX (Panther at least) so that's taking out the whole OS, then I'd have to download drivers for my 2408MKII & Midi XT, and I have to hope that all my OLD FILES will come up fine (I have a few clients also)


It's a lot to deal with, no one actually has NO problem with the way I do my music, but it has been peeking my curiosity. I know of a few friends who have upgraded, but that's because (1)they only had PRO-TOOLS and HAD to upgrade to keep up with the latest and greatest (2) the other friend has a large studio to accomodate clients, I guess having the NEWER system attracted the clients, however, all the tracks by majority of them are done is OS9.2 on DP3,


(I know, I work there myself time to time)


So I say all this to say: Is it worth it to go threw the trouble to upgrade -- JUST BECAUSE.....

or will I just be an OLD ANCIENT REMNANT of a producer with O.K. gear --- (hell, if it works) ;) I have no problem

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Don't upgrade your machines - get a G5 for the DP box, probably only need the low end one if all your plugs are on the other.


If the cyrrent PT rig can handle your workload, don't change it. If not, get the dual 2G G5. System requirements always get heavier when you upgrade software.


DP3 to 4 is no problem - the files open fine, if you HAVE to send one to DP3, you can save it in that format. But all the plpugs will have to be upgraded when you shift to OSX - sopme upgrades are free, many (especially PT) will cost you. But if you need the extra power or speed, it is worth it - part of the cost of doing business...



It's all about the music. Really. I just keep telling myself that...

The Soundsmith

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