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Dang this place is Hot!!!!!!!!

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Is it just me or is this place a wee uptight?

The Political place is always hot, but seems a bit here too. Is it the change of season?


Bad NBA/NHL results?


End of AI? (the other one :D )


The moon? Iraq? Shaq? Sack? Back Attack? Ben Affleck?

Crack? Jack? Heart Attack? The Knack? Tic-Tac? Have a snack? Big Mac?


Drop the bad vibes folks! It's summer time!


Now kiss and make up!


Ok, now tell me to piss off :D

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Piss on...


Ratchet back, that ack ack, smack down attack mode...


It's not summer in New Zealand

Label on the reverb, inside 1973 Ampeg G-212: "Folded Line Reverberation Unit" Manufactured by beautiful girls in Milton WIS. under controlled atmosphere conditions.
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