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Podcasting tech

Dr Mike Metlay

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Hi David,


Congratulations on launching what I think will be a very important channel. I look forward to reading it in depth, as I plan to be covering a lot of podcaster-friendly audio gear (rather than technique, promotion, etc.) over in the Music Lab. Welcome!




Dr. Mike Metlay (PhD in nuclear physics, golly gosh) :D

Janitor and Hall Monitor, Dr. Mike's Studio Workshop


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Because of my involvement with Cloud, I'm way interested in podcasting tech.


When I first started doing market research into the industry a few years ago, I was actually somewhat surprised to find out that one of the primary aspects that distinguishes an experienced/professional podcaster from the novices is the gear they use. I go to Podcast Movement show fairly regularly (was just at the Evolutions one in LA last weelend), and I've been told repeatedly that the more serious podcasters don't want just an audio interface - they want mixers, with tactile controls like knobs and faders. They want better mics like SM7b and RE20, and more than I expect already know about using a Cloudlifter with their mics. They're concerned about signal processing, like compression and EQ.


Truth be told, most of the broadcast dealers look on the podcasting industry as the heart and soul of their business these days.



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Great insight Dave. I definitely use an audio interface (PreSonus Studio 1824C) and a Rode Podcaster USB Mic. I don't do on the fly mixing but spend plenty of time editing levels etc in Logic after the fact.



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