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iBooks - Like 'em??

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I've heard nothing but good about the iBook G4 so far. However, I was almost ensnared by the iBook G3 that MacMall has been blowing out for $699...a friend warned me about the excessively high rate of failures on that model right after I placed an order for one - a quick Net search seemed to support what he told me and luckily I was able to cancel the order.
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I have one sitting on my lap right now. I love it. 1.2 ghz G4 with built in airport. We have 3 computers working on wi fi. The Ibook started right out of the box. My son's Toshiba with wi fi did not and we had to call Toshiba in order to get it to work. We spoke to some guy in India who said his name was Maurice, yeh right. We could hardly understand him, but he helped us to get it to work eventually.


I just got rid of my mackie stuff and am using this with a MOTU 928mk 2. No problems so far. Learning curve was not as bad as I thought it would be for the DAW. I am just using Audio Desk at the moment. I don't need a sequencer since I have a Korg Triton extreme 88 key with a great one built in. I was thinking of upgrading to full DP, but until I need surround, I think I will stay with what I got. This will be great for on location recording of classical music, which has been my specialty in the past. I have kept all my pre amps and everything works fine with the 928 mk 2. I have no problems recording with the Ibook newest version. I am thinking about adding a firewire outboard hard drive to the set up. Any advice?





KB Gunn

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Don't worry about G3 books failing. Mine did and Apple has a programme to fix the logic board FOC.


Shamless plug for Metric Halo: an iBook and a MH box are one hell of a combo :)


Very portable too.

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First of all, the "problems" with the ibook's logic boards, etc, were with the first generation G3 ibooks, NOT the current crop of G4's. That issue was resolved 18 months ago.


Secondly, I picked up a bottom-of-the-line iBook back in January as a second computer for my studio...here's a copy/paste from another forum where I posted about what I've done with my iBook in just the last few weeks:


I went with the bottom of the line iBook as a second computer for my studio, and here's what it's done in the last few days:


- Live Show with band: I play bass, but I run an Ediroll PCR 30 midi controller with it and run Live and Reason and Absynth, which I use for various songs in conjuction with my bass. Also, using the MIDI in we run the drummer's octapad controller into my iBook so he can trigger tympani and some other samples, while I'm simultaneously using a Rhodes patch with the Edirol. Have performed live shows with this setup 6 times in the last 30 days. Never crashed at a show or rehearsal.


- Recording session: Using a MOTU 828 and a Mackie board, we tracked live drums (8 channels) into the iBook's internal stock drive. Tracked a number of songs last week, never once dropped anything, never hiccuped, never even broke a sweat.


- Mixed that same session in Cubase on the iBook the next morning. Overdubbed guitars, bass, keys. FTP'd the file to a post-prod studio to add voice over; commercial went on the air 48 hours later.


- Pit orchestra gig: similar to the pop band that I play with, by ibook, with just Reason this time, triggers some sound effects and samples while I play bass in the pit orchestra. 8 shows/week, we're in our 6th week, never once has the iBook failed us on a single cue at any show. Lighting tech just bought one to run the light cues, based on the experience we've had with mine.


- Wireless nternet, email, client billing...I run that stuff, too, on this same iBook, along with the poking around with my own compositions (when I have the time) with Reaktor and such.


- Live show recording. Did two of these this month: coupled with the Motu and an Adat (just for the digital i/o, not running tape), I recorded two live shows this month with 16 channels each. One was 45 minutes long, the other was 90. I transferred these files to my FW drive back in the studio to do the mixing, but the actual recording was done tit he internal drive on the iBook.


Again, this is the stock-from-the-factory low-end iBook. The only thing I did to it was have them max out the ram when I bought it. I was just this morning referring to it as my "musical swiss army knife." It's by far the most reliable piece of gear that I own. As you can see, it's not just sitting in my bedroom, it's with me 24/7 in some pretty high-pressure spots.


All I'm saying here is don't overlook the "underdog" iBook. This was easily the best $1100 I've invested in my studio and it's earned that back for me a dozen times over.

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I've been running my 500 MHz G3 iBook for 2 years with no problems. My only compliant is the flimsy keyboard where parts can come off. A little superglue fixed that. I've even dropped mine a couple of times for good measure and it's still fine.


I've run PT LE w/Mbox on it, no problems. If I was looking today, I'd seriously consider a G4 iBook.


Michael Oster

F7 Sound and Vision

ReGurgiTron - I approved this message.

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I've got a 600MHz G3 iBook, bought refurbished, and it's always worked great. Two years old now, running 10.3.4. Only thing I'd have done different is put more RAM in it, 256MB is kinda skimpy. You run into paging/cache slowdowns sometimes. Mostly with Safari though, Firefox seems to work a lot better as a browser, at least on this one.
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