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Advice on optimizing mixes for Internet radio broadcast?

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I recently had a friend spin a pre-release song mix of mine on their Internet radio broadcast and I was definitely less than thrilled with how it came across. The station broadcasts an Ogg Vorbis stream and I was listening with Winamp. The song's level was wildly fluctuating up and down in volume...sparsely-arranged passages jumped right out front and more dense sections got clamped right down. It was almost like what happens with uncompressed material being broadcast over traditional radio. It was just a pre-release mix that hadn't undergone any real mastering yet, but I had run it through Waves L1 and given it a decent whack to get the average level roughly on par with my last CD, which was professionally mastered.


Granted, I hadn't run the mix through a real mastering chain with multiband compression, so maybe the bottom end needed to be reined in more tightly and was causing the pumping or something. I didn't realize these Internet broadcasts were as unforgiving of such things (if not more so) as FM radio.


I haven't been able to turn up a lot of info on the subject, so the question is, what does one need to do with a mix to make it more "Internet radio friendly?" Is it just basically the same mastering techniques used to optimize for standard radio, or are there other considerations in creating files you know are destined for Net streams to get the most out of the limitations of the format?

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