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ISO: Donny Hathaway transcription

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Any suggestions on obtaining a transcription for Donny Hathaway's Wurlitzer solo on "The Ghetto"? In particular, the Live at the Troubadour version. He takes about a four minute solo that I want to dig into but the recording is a little distorted and there are some chord voicings I'd struggle to pick out (e.g., around 3:20 and 4:45). I'd like a visual aid to help me get into Donny's playing style.


I didn't have luck with a web search, but this seems like a tune that's famous enough that somebody's transcribed it. Is there a site where college music majors swap transcriptions or something like that? I'd be happy to pay for a quality transcription.


I'm not looking for the basic sheet music. This is a two-chord tune with a simple head.




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Geez good luck finding that!


If you do I want a copy!


What a performance. I actually have a friend who was there for this session. From her recollection Donny stood out among anything she had heard during that time, even among such notables as Elton John, The Eagles ( I guess I am supposed to call them " Eagles" not "The Eagles") and many others who got established at The Troubador during the early 70's in L.A.


Donny's time was actually quite brief before he lapsed into mental madness.

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Such a shame that he died so early :-( Such a great singer and keyboard player!!


This live album is excellent and one of my favorite!!! Especially the cover of What's Going On and the live version of Little Ghetto Boy are masterpieces. Pure Soul!!


I don't think you will find transcriptions for this.


I'm afraid you have no other choice than using your ears, or maybe ask to an expert of Donny's playing to help you figure out the voicings and the licks ;-)


I'm playing Little Ghetto Boy and The Ghetto with my band, but I'm not able to play what he is playing.


For The Ghetto, I'm using mostly rootless and shell voicings on the left hand, and soloing on the right hand using a mix of minor blues scale, chromatic passing tones and additional tones (like the 9th).

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I have heard from people where his death was suicide or murder. His daughter has a great voice. The younger one was a back up singer on American Idol in the 2006 season. They made note of it because she was signing back up to that kid Elliot Yamin who sounded like Donny. Man Donny had a voice though....

"Danny, ci manchi a tutti. La E-Street Band non e' la stessa senza di te. Riposa in pace, fratello"






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