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Which Social Media Platform(s) Do You Use for Promotion?

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Well technically, the title is a little misleading because I use social media for a lot more than promotion. But, regardless of what you do with social media, it also has to be a part of any business strategy these days.


I'm testing them all...I avoided Facebook for the longest time, but I'm finding it's unavoidable. It's where so many people hang out...


Instagram is picking up people fast, so I need to feed the beast. Probably the fastest start on any of my social media efforts


Craiganderton.org is doing much better than I expected, but it takes work to get outside links that bring people to it. So far reviews are getting the most clicks, and they represent the smallest article category, so I guess I better start building up that part of the site.


The number of Twitter followers is like my atomic clock of social media. It's constant at around 5,305, plus or minus 5 people. Seriously. No one leaves, no one joins. I suspect they just follow to be reminded every month to back up their data. :)


YouTube is interesting. The number of subscribers keeps climbing, slowly but surely, as are the number of people using its comments section to communicate with me.


I'm not doing anything with Pinterest or anything else.


What works - or doesn't work - for you?

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Top Posters In This Topic

A while back, when taking a community college course on social media (from a business perspective); I created accounts on numerous ones. Some have never been used. Ones that are:


Facebook: my personal page has all of the family as friends, some church members, and some personal and business associates. I don't "friend" peope that I don't know, or celebrities, etc. Most of my postings are sent out to friends only. My business page is public postings, not too few nor too many, and things that are "soft" in the sense that they provide some useful information relative to computers/networking. I have picked up a few clients from it, but not many. Worth the time devoted. Personally, the primary thing is that I know some of what children/grandchildren are doing (the ones that don't live close especially).

FaceBook Messenger (private messages) is also useful for those that I don't want to have my cell number (which is only given out to family, very close friends, and managers of a few commercial clients that won't abuse it - others can call my public landline number which has answering if no one is there to answer). Like texting without them having the phone number.


Twitter: I set up two accounts (run in different browser, different email addresses). One is personal, the other is business related. The number of tweets I have ever sent out could be counted on my fingers. However, I have found it to be quite useful as a one-page multiple site news receiving tool. The personal one has such things as local TV news, Jim Cantore, Weather Channel, certain news sources on it. The business one has Microsoft, Apple, Malwarebytes, several network security vendors, and that sort of thing. Don't really use it like many people, but it is useful.


LinkedIn: I set up a profile for myself in business. Contacts in my list are generally people and businesses that I personally know, or recommended by someone that I know. Even though I emphasize in my short blurb that it is pointless for head--hunters to contact me about any "job," many never seem to read my blurb first, and they don't get any results unless I'm annoyed at the time. Then I reply that "Job" stands for "just over broke," (in my opinion), that the worst day of running my business is better than the best day as an employee; they usually disappear after that. Don't post much, not interested in paying for higher level, but worth the effort.


Google+: was setup, hasn't really done anything, never really took off.

Instagram: setup but I've never posted anything on it. Haven't found a reason to post there instead of FB.


There are many more available; but those are the only ones that I have used.


Howard Grand|Hamm SK1-73|Kurz PC2|PC2X|PC3|PC3X|PC361; QSC K10's

HP DAW|Epi Les Paul & LP 5-str bass|iPad mini2

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."


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I just use http://www.nortonmusic.com and http://www.s-cats.com


For my Band-in-a-Box aftermarket software (nortonmusic.com) I'm very well known and established in the BiaB community. I participate in the official BiaB forum and the unofficial BiaB mailing list. (I guess that's marginally what we call social media.)


For my band, The Sophisticats (www.s-cats.com) I rely on my website. It's a local business, we've been doing it since 1985 and most of our business is either repeat or referral. I do post events on a local calendar and Craigslist and I have an e-mail list of about 500 fans who come out to see us when we play.


A couple of agents also feed us work.


Since 1985 we've had to block out weeks in advance to take a yearly vacation. We work hard at our craft and to toot our own horns, we do a much better than average job at what we do and are probably the best duo in the neighborhood..


I did facebook for a while but I 'jumped ship' and deleted all my data.




When FB started using Cambridge Analytica to analyze the likes and dislikes of the users, read their messages and private mails, and use that data to send out fraud news (I don't call it fake news it minimizes it) to sway all the on-the-fence voters to rig an election I had to quit. By staying on I would be aiding and abetting criminal action and therefore I'd be an accessory to the crime. (Fraud is criminal.)


I don't care if FB was rigging an election for the candidate I like or the candidate I oppose, these are not my values and by staying on I would be compromising my values and ethics. So I had to leave and wipe my data clean so that no money generated by my data would be used for fraud.


Sometimes I have to take the high road even if it means losing a few gigs.


Insights and incites by Notes



Bob "Notes" Norton

Owner, Norton Music http://www.nortonmusic.com

Style and Fake disks for Band-in-a-Box

The Sophisticats http://www.s-cats.com >^. .^< >^. .^<

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Is this forum considered "social media?" It, and a few similar ones are the only on-line places I hang out and where people know my name. No wonder I'm not making any money. I have a Facebook and a Twitter account but they're so I can read others' posts. I've used the messaging now and then, but almost never originate a posts, don't accept friend requests (because the people who would ask are already friends) and, honestly, I don't know how to promote myself or even what I'd promote myself as. I've considered asking a consultant, but I have to be careful that I don't get more work than I want to do.


So, me, naw, I don't promote myself. If people discover me, great. If not, I have more time to rake leaves and clean gutters, which I really need to get to.



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For our covers band we have a band Facebook page (run by another band member) and our Youtube channel (I mix the multitrack audio using my Korg D3200 and include that in the videos I post to out youtube channel at https://tinyurl.com/SouthStreetLive). We have a web site but it's really just a placeholder, and when asked we direct people only to our Facebook page (where we announce our gigs) and our youtube channel.
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For our covers band we have a band Facebook page (run by another band member) and our Youtube channel (I mix the multitrack audio using my Korg D3200 and include that in the videos I post to out youtube channel at https://tinyurl.com/SouthStreetLive). We have a web site but it's really just a placeholder, and when asked we direct people only to our Facebook page (where we announce our gigs) and our youtube channel.


How effective is YouTube for you compared to Facebook?

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For both music and night photography:


Ken Lee Photography - Gallery and Photo Store This newly revamped photography website serves (or will serve) as the hub for my photography endeavors, and will eventually include a blog again. But this is where my main gallery is, and where I send people if they want a sampling of my photography. I am currently having a sale on all prints and other things, which will end on Monday December 2nd 2019.


Instagram - Ken Lee Photography (night photography) Probably the best place to currently share photos, as small as it looks for most people. If I can't have people come to a physical gallery or visit my home to see full-sized photographs, then this is where they can go instead.


Facebook - Ken Lee Photography (night photography mostly) I am in the minority with most people, as, business practices aside, I love Facebook. I participate in groups, mostly to do with night photography and long exposure photography, and have met many friends there. I love the interaction of the groups. But I get why people don't like it, especially if they don't participate in the groups or if they get hammered by incessant politics or nonsense.


Bandcamp - The Mercury Seven (odd ambient and atmospheric music) BandCamp is a great place to put up your music and art. At least people can somewhat pretend to peel open your latest LP and read the liner notes. :D



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.... How effective is YouTube for you compared to Facebook?


I think our Youtube videos serve a complimentary purpose to Facebook. We can tell that for some of the bars/clubs at which we try to start getting gigs, they have looked at our youtube videos to try to tell if we are any good, if it looks like we are fun, and if any people are dancing. While it's possible to post videos on Facebook, youtube provides a more direct and uncluttered way to access them. And if a bar owner is going to spend the time to look at a few minutes of videos, they will have little patience for anything that makes take longer to access them.


I think some of our "fans" also look at the youtube videos, but I don't have a way to tell what that does for us.


For both types of viewers, I would not want to rely on Facebook alone because some people don't use Facebook at all (see Notes_Norton in this thread, and one of our band members also refuses to have a Facebook account). We would not try to notify people of future gigs via Youtube, so we are stuck for Facebook for that.


We are a small time band, so others may have different experiences.


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