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Kurzweil PC3x sliders in song mode

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Recently picked up a PC3x.


Great board. I must admit I even quite like the triple strike pianos.


Can anyone help with how I would assign each slider to control the volume of each track/part in song mode?


That way, I could adjust the volumes of each track during playback.



Kurzweil PC3x

Technics SX-P50

Korg X3

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I looked through the manual and then searched the various pages. I never use song mode but I can definitely state without a doubt that it can"t be done. I think. :hider:


Maybe THIS helps ...


It´s a different question at 1st glance, but explains how MIDI works across MODEs inside a PC3.


I understand, in a PC3, the sequencer (song), a Setup and available physical controllers are just only different ways transmitting MIDI data to the sound engine.

Everything shares MIDI data across the MIDI channels and at the same time.


In a song, when assigning single "programs" to single (MIDI-) tracks, each track representing a single MIDI channel,- that´s the same as assigning single "programs" to single "zones" in a Setup,- each "zone" representing a single MIDI channel as well.

So, once a single slider is assigned to a single "zone" as CC#07 (or #11 ???) in a "Setup" and this is done for all the 9 sliders available and 9 "zones" (MIDI channels) in that setup,- it SHOULD work controlling track volumes in a song for the 1st 9 MIDI-tracks simultaneously WHEN "program" and "MIDI channel" assigments are identical for the given "Song" and "Setup".

In other words, you´d need to create a individual control Setup for each song to be controlled by the PC3´s sliders (and other physical controllers).

In addition there´s the option using the Mod-Wheel and the 2 expression pedals as track faders too for MIDI channels 10, 11 and 12.


But for me, that leaves the question how to link that given Setup to a given Song because I guess you have to switch over to the Setup once the Song is started.

I only know there´s the option assigning "Riffs" to "Setups" and "Riffs" are small songs ...


Because of the PC3´s shaky timing when running arpeggiators, riffs and songs, I don´t use the Song-Mode too.

The manual doesn´t explain anything about "sliders" controlling track volume,- but I guess the above might be a workaround.






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I recently had the problem to control parameters in a AUX-2 effect in override mode in SetUp configuration, turns out that as far as I know it just doesn't work. Moved to program mode with the AUX-2 effect built into the sound, and now that can work.


Maybe you could edit the sounds you need in the song, add a different slider to eah program you're going to us in a song track, and save them with that slider assigned to changing volume of all layers with some amount. It might be that you'll get the sliders for only one sound, like the active midi channel program only.



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