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What to do with all your Sweetwater boxes


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Man that would the equivalent of me having a bunch of Leslie's with no guts in them. I save all my keyboard boxes for when I sell them or for service related issues.

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The boxes go in the trash. When I had my house I kept boxes but they just filled up my garage and that was pain. Now being an apartment dweller I have no room to store stuff like empty boxes and not going to pay the crazy rates for storage units. If I need a box I'll check the local music store of GC for a used box, and if not then just go to the box store and buy one. I know when I was in computer world and having to ship servers the computer makers would sell a box with all the same foam bits the server was packed in so we do that.


When I buy new gear like my Roland last year I tolerate having the box it came in sitting the corner of my living room for a few months till I feel I had given the keyboard a good run thru, then if all's good off to the trash it went. Also crime is an issue in the city where I live so I make sure I remove all shipping labels with my address, breakdown the box and toss it out in a dumpster on opposite side of my apartment complex.

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I try to keep boxes for at least a year or more (in terms of the actual factory packaging from a keyboard or whatever). If I decide to sell it, then it is easier to deal with in original packaging and I think it adds some value selling a keyboard with original box. In terms of over-sized Sweetwater type boxes in which the keyboards ship, I am able to get away with keeping 1-2 of these in the attic or a spare corner of the garage, but my wife is not real happy with me for this. I usually say "oh, I'm saving that for something I'll be selling soon" but in most cases I don't keep those around too long. Once I realize a piece of gear is sticking around for a longer period, I usually cut up and recycle the box.
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