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Question: FSK-SMPTE?

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Years ago, I recorded a bunch of stuff on a Tascam Porta One synced to the computer with a little Anatek (I think) box. I striped track 4 with Smart FSK to sync.

I got some half decent guitar and vocals on tape, and now I have much better sounding MIDI sounds.

(I was using a RAP10 and a DR5 for sounds, and would record them to two final tracks, along with bounced down to stereo on a HiFi VCR, guitars and vocals to two other tracks. This was because of the limitations of the RAP10 for audio recording, and also, because the computer was not up to it. The MIDI, at the time, was good, though). What I want to do is grab each first generation recording and put it into the computer. I realize I may have some sync problems no matter what I use, and I may need to do some nudging/length stuff. I'll get two to three tracks synced to each other, but not everything else.

Will it work to restripe the tape with SMPTE, or am I gonna run into more problems than trying to keep it in sync with FSK? I did leave about 20 seconds of pre-roll at the beginning of all records, and have room after each.

I seem to remember something about not restriping a tape, but I figured if it could be done, then it might sync better. Or, should I just record them without regard to sync or proper position , and sort out the mess when they are all in there?



Tele :freak:

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