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Why Tony (aka Tonysounds) MUST Attend NAMM

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Rumor has it that Tony's on the fence about attending NAMM this year. Let's help him decide starting with reason #


1) If you ever have the fortune of walking the floor with Tony you'll feel like one of the cool kids. No one messes with you because well...Tony's a hardcore Rocker! Of course this means Tony always has groupies hanging around him:




Young chicks too:



Maybe no one will realize they're attracted to Tony and not me? :hitt:

Plus I heard they help prevent catching the flu. Maybe that's why some refer to them as fluzies. :thx:



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Awwwww....Thanks Markyboard! Bobodeth....yep, I drove it one year, but that was exhausting. :D Last year i did it the right way: flew to Anaheim, took uber to The Strain Depot, which has a very nice smoking lounge where you can consume your purchases on site! ;) I did such a thing, while getting the low down on aliens and pyramids and Jesus from a guy who was dabbing next to me. :D There I was picked up by the rest of our merry band of Nammsters. The rest is a blur! :D :D :D


Life will dictate whether I go to NAMM this year. We'll see...

Hitting "Play" does NOT constitute live performance. -Me.
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Life will dictate whether I go to NAMM this year. We'll see...

:thu: :



What is this NAMM show of which you speak? :idk:





:facepalm: Before you get scolded for not using Google...


hydrothionammonemia (hÄ«â³drÅ-thÄ«â³Å-nÄmâ³Å-nÄâ²mÄ-Ä) [â³ + theion, sulfur, + ammoniakos, of Amen, from near whose temple it came, + haima, blood]

The presence of ammonium sulfide in the blood.



You"re welcome.

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Is it too late to start planning to go, particularly getting a room?

"I'm so crazy, I don't know this is impossible! Hoo hoo!" - Daffy Duck


"The good news is that once you start piano you never have to worry about getting laid again. More time to practice!" - MOI

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I am very excited to be flying 12,063 km or over 7000 miles to attend my first and likely only NAMM. We are also hitting Disneyland while we're there and can't decide whether I'm more excited to meet Mickey or Dave Bryce :D
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