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Ben Folds on Rhodes with Scary Pockets

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I'm not here to open a big ol' can of worms with this statement, but I usually feel about Scary Pockets the way I feel about Postmodern Jukebox. Like, it's great, and SP in particular has a lot of stylistic elements that really jive with my personal taste and aesthetic. But cumulatively I get a little too used to the gimmick: you take familiar pop songs and play them funky (or music hall-y or whatever). It's arranged well and played well, but it feels a little predictable for me, no matter how much I like the song or the genre or the musicianship.


But I couldn't help but love this, not just because I love Ben Folds, but because I love to hear an artist approach one of their own songs in a completely different way. What a treat! I'm sure the credit for Ben's appearance goes to Scary Pockets co-founder and guitarist Ryan Lehrman, a great songwriter in his own right, who played bass in Ben's band for a couple of tours back in the early 2010s.


Oh, the singer's good too.



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Yes thanks, enjoyed this a lot! I see what you are saying though Samuel, it gets a little samey though I love their version of Sweet Child O' Mine :thu:
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I haven't seen any Scary Pockets I didn't think was worth watching, but relatively few worth watching twice. I wouldn't call it highly innovative, but there's always the "how's this vocalist gonna pull this off" curiosity, and some great vocal performances sprinkled throughout the catalogue.


The Ben Folds one I didn't really get, but then I don't know the original, so the problem is probably me.

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