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Recording loops, 1, 2, or 3 variations?

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I like to create loops in Reason, record them, then use them in Live. For simple stuff I just create the loop in Live. What I create in Reason is usually much more complex, using deeply programmable echo and other effects. For those loops I try to create 3 versions to stay true to an analog sequencing and recording process.


1. Starting loop where no echo and other effects have carried over from previous notes. I mean, it is the start. The echo and effects should build.

2. Main body, full echo and effect carryover from previous notes.

3. End, with or without and final note, containing echo and reverb trails


Just wondering if other people here keep it simple and stick with one loop, or create multiple loops like this. Again, this is not for simple passages in which Live could provide effects. It is for complex patterns using some of the great, controllable echoes and effects found in Reason. Am I overthinking this and going too far?

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Absolutely not!! What makes loop music vibrant is creativity and change. I also create variations on loops via several means, including cutting/pasting/rearranging. Of course, having a control surface and doing real-time control of effects in Live has its merits as well.
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