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Soft Case for Hammond pedals? How to transport

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For those of you that use portable hammond pedals on your SKs and XKs, how do you guys transport them? I am going to be moving mine around a lot and I can see them getting beat up really quickly. Any suggestions? Ideally a thick padded bag would do the trick. I guess I might have to custom order one. How do you guys do it?

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I have a pretty low-tech solution for my Roland PK-5 pedals: a small padded suitcase with a moving blanket inside to wrap the pedals in. If the Hammond pedals are radial rather than Taurus-style, it may be trickier to find a case with the right proportions, but it's worth a shot.

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My Mojo pedals (bought used) came in a large black "suitcase" which has a hard shell; it might be possible to find something similar for little $$ at a pawn or second-hand store.


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I found a large canvas bag at an Army Navy store for $30.00USD. Wrapped a blanket around my PK 27 Nord pedals and it worked fine.....until a popular on line retailer posted the wrong price on the Nord bag and I snapped it up.



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Mine are velcroed on a 3' x 4" rug, along with 3 Nord pedals. No pedal chasing ever and the pedals have consistent placement every time. For transport, the front half of the rug is folded over the pedals, pedal cords place on top, and then the 2 ends are folded/rolled over the middle. That lump of rug is then placed in the bottom of a gator 10' speaker bag, with plenty of room remaining for cables, power block, and collapsed Gibraltar pneu throne base. Travels well. Makes set up a breeze too.

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