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Bassists Needed at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp

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Hi all...


This is just an alert for groovy bassists who have the time and discretionary bucks to attend the Sgt. Pepper Live Camp at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, Hollywood CA, November 14-17.


The fun bit is joining camper bands to perform Beatles tunes and the Sgt. Pepper album with CHEAP TRICK and an orchestra at the Whisky a Go Go. The Camp bass counselors you can meet and hang with include Rudy Sarzo and Tony Franklin.


All the info is: https://www.rockcamp.com/fantasy-camp-cheap-trick-beatles.php


Please understand two things...


[1] I'm a contractor who does social posts for the company. But, that said, I DO believe in these camps. They are tons of fun. [Also, I don't make ANY revenue from posting this. I'm simply making all of you fab bassists aware that the Camp would love to see more bass players signing up.]


[2] The cost of admission is not insignificant. It's like a land cruise for bassists who want to experience a long weekend awash in rock stars and the music of the Beatles.


If any of this sounds interesting, please feel free to click the link, or call Monica at (888) 762-2263 ext. 7 for more info.


If it's NOT even something you'd consider, then I thank you for your time.


Rock on!


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It seems good for those who have the time & money, and want to play Sgt. Pepper. I thought other RnRFC settings were a little broader of an offering?


I got to play Emerson Lake & Palmer's "Trilogy" with Rachel Flowers on keys & other pseudo pro musicians last weekend at Progstock. That was enough of a fantasy camp for me!

"Am I enough of a freak to be worth paying to see?"- Separated Out (Marillion)

NEW band Old band


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