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Call for Input: BandLab

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Hi everyone! This is a starter post for information about the BandLab online collaboration app. I am placing it so that I have a place to come back to and talk about my experiences with it, but I'm on a deadline to finish editing a book, so now isn't a good time for me.


However, that shouldn't stop anyone else. If folks use BandLab, I encourage them to talk about it here. If folks are looking for BandLab collaborators, I encourage them to reach out here.


It's a fascinating platform -- not perfect by any means, some would say so limited as to be creatively crippling, but free and worldwide and surprisingly effective for many people. The main problem with it is trying to find good collaborators -- the BandLab forum itself is full of all kinds of people, and finding a great musical partner there is kind of like trying to find a pen pal on Facebook. I figure that MPN is self-selecting enough so that people can at least communicate and reach out here with a higher chance of eventual success.




Dr. Mike Metlay (PhD in nuclear physics, golly gosh) :D

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I am on Bandlab as @northernkeysmax, but haven't done anything yet. Not enough free time. Also I'm kind of doubting that our internet will be good enough to run the online DAW (Bandlab by Cakewalk doesn't run on MacOS and I don't have a Windows audio setup). We have satellite internet as we're sort of remote, but it's gotten progressively slower and slower over the last nine months or so.


I found the site thanks to some people I knew from Bandhub and Ourjamz (both defunct now).

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