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"Denny Crane!"

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Gotta be the slogan of the year!

[Last year it was "Oi! Enough with the poodles already!" (Thanks, Lauren Graham!).]


This year Wiliam Shatner may've actually broken free of the typecasting straight-jacket that's held him since the Star Trek days with his role as a charismatic attorney flying on auto-pilot on TV's long-limpng The Practice.


How to impress? Go suddenly stock-still, fix the other with a stern gaze & declare, "Denny Crane!"

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(My conversation with a live human being, later today...)


So I'm online talking to Michael Jackson's Nose and George Costanza about William Shatner yelling "Denny Crane" every time he shows up on, "The Practice"...


:confused: ... ... Where you going?!? C'mon.. come back.. Really. I was talking to.... (fading away)



It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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Originally posted by george costanza:

"...we see the banker sitting waiting for a trim

Then the fireman rushes in

from the pouring rain..."


"...in my ears & in my eyes

...there beneath the blue suburban skies

Denny Crane!"

DAMN! Ya beat me to it! :D


Heard a horrible joke on the radio today...


Knock knock!!!


Who's there?


Little Boy Blue


Little boy blue who?


Michael Jackson.


Sorry. That's hideous.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Well, mock me if you wish but he'll never be Captain Kirk to me again. He's Denny Crane!


BTW, that was some hip theme music. I liked how there were lots of implied notes; the context led one to hear things that weren't explicitly sounded.

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