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virtual rompler

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i posted this in the keyboard furum without much response, so ill post it here. i need a softsynth to replace my triton. i ve heard good things about the sonic refil for reason. im between that and kontakt or kompakt? any help would be appreciated. thanxxx
hey bud! whats your problem?
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I'd say the two main contenders right now are IK Multimedia SampleTank 2 and Steinberg Hypersonic. Another possibility is MOTU's MachFive except you have to load your own sounds into the 16 parts, so it's not as convenient but it is more editable.


SampleTank 2 has come a loooong way since SampleTank. Just be aware that all the original samples were kept for purposes of compatibility with songs developed with those samples. If you don't like a sound, look for a newer version -- the newer versions kick butt.


The Sonic refill for Reason is also excellent, but the people who did it are the same people behind a lot of the SampleTank 2 sounds and ST2 is more flexible.


Hypersonic is very, very efficient in terms of system resources, and also allows for add-on instruments (three have just been released) so it's more expandable...although ST2 lets you load waveforms, map them, and create presets. It's a baby sampler compared to Kontakt, but it works.


I have both ST2 and Hypersonic installed, I'd hate to have to give up either one. Sonically, I would say the Hypersonic instruments are a bit more "in your face" and ST2 is more neutral. But YMMV.

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