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My Dad is old

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Hi All

If you had seen my other posts, you 1) saw that Im a Satch fan, 2) I also play instrumental rock. Well Im just about done with a song called "Energy" (titled after backtrack used) and I asked my Dad what he thought after not playing for a handful of years. He says (exact words) "Im too old." Hes in early 70's and acts like hes 90 LOL. Ah it is what it is. I know Im loud. I knew what he meant. A guy that used to obsess over music worse than me, just cant do it anymore.


But this is where is collab-ish sort of things comes it. Id like to collab on an old song kind of cover. Im thinking "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Yes, yes. I did appox 15 years ago a hard rock version of it. Of course I no longer have that copy (deleted in drunk rage LOL) I know I can pull off a nice version of it. But one thing I wont do is lose my edge over it. Its still going to be instrumental rock. KInda like Satch in "Cryin"


Im wondering if anyone is willing to work with me on this. Im thinking a same structure as "Top Gun" theme, but with the chords for somewhere over the rainbow. The drum intro etc. So picture Top Gun theme but for SOTR. Anyone?


Instrumental Rock, is the only way to go
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all righty. We all love the copyright stuff.


Last year, I wanted to do a David Bowie set and within a day, an 800 pound gorilla jumped on my roof.


Something about the ' money '. ;)

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out ?

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