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Anderton's Super Tone Control

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Hello there, people.


I have Craig's book "Electronic Projects for Musicians", and I love the projects like the beautiful babies they are.


However, I want to build the Super Tone Control (Project 17, p.138 in my 1980 Amsco edition). I've looked eveywhere I can to find out where pad M is supposed to connect to, but the pad is unconnected on the schematic and there's no mention of it in the text.


Does M stand for mystery?


I'd just love to know where pad M connects to. If any of you lovely guys (especially Craig!) can help me out, I'd be really grateful, and maybe I'd be able to make my long-awaited Super Tone Control...



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You can ignore that pad. It's just there to provide another input to the summing amp. A few people had asked for that feature because they wanted to feed in some straight signal, but it was never documented in the text...sorry!


Interestingly, that circuit had a bit of a revival a few years ago; Fred Giannelli made quite a few of them for DJs in Europe.


Have fun with it!

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