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Newsweek (generational) Rock Spread

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Newsweek, last issue.


They had a spread on the new rock genres.


Compared in sidebar to "rock" legend types, "If you like U2, Morissey etc, then check out "band".


All of which was incedental to a conversation I was having last week after a product development meeting with one of the main cogs at a flagship guitar manufacturer.


He was suggesting that [un-named famous endorsee] would be dead soon (cryptic jest) and that players on the way up and under the age of 30, more than likely had no idea who these old famous folks even are.


His opinion also, that under thirty persons may not know much about it (generational music) beyond perhaps the Beatles.


He said they had a complete revalue and focus change after the last NAMM show, plus he has a son in a signed band.


So we were chewing on the paradigm shift to under 30 year olds.


Look at the changes in design, Guitar Player, EQ, EM thay all had rehashed presentations recently.


That does not mean the channels as they are called and segments, will be different for gear, they just have to use the eye candy approaches which attract the younger customer.


My reply in email to some of the points alluded to in our convesation about shifting markets was:


"Frankly, I am so tired of the pervasive, emulative peer shift to the Hip Hop genre and predicted about four years ago, that rock would resume and be redefined as soon as the next few sets of 10 year olds, decided that their older brothers rap collection, was an anathema."


Not that Hop isn't cool but it's a mature market.


Seems that rock is now resurgent as is the case according to the local indie radio and KROQ here in La La land.


Who remains? as bonafide' after the usual vetting process of young fresh angst, social, or plain lighthearted content and the reality of selling art as music business fodder...remains to be seen.


That's not to say that every young baggy panted' warbler, writes or sings sensible stuff.


We were invited to a "cause, concert in Venice on Saturday and the talent was so boreing and non consequential...performing well, but unenunciated and so interpersonal, lyriclly congested, etc that we suffered through 40 minutes and amazingly several of us, got up and bolted as if on cue.


I walked into the house and was very tempted to grab the APX 9 and return to rub his nose in the self exuded fresh faced snot but...


I remembered of course being of similar mind back when I was his age but at least I wrote( and still write and perform) from the heart and sing to the gathered, not to myself directly.


I for one amd grateful for the change but, talent is still no excuse for self perpetuating a myth of ones importance and potential impact.





Label on the reverb, inside 1973 Ampeg G-212: "Folded Line Reverberation Unit" Manufactured by beautiful girls in Milton WIS. under controlled atmosphere conditions.
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