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OT: Can anyone recommend movie editing software?

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I just need it for transfering years of family videos on VHS to DVD. I have a Hauppage video capture card and just got an HP DVD burner, but the software that came with it is very limited. It has no real editing capabilities, so I can really only transfer the entire tape to DVD. I want to cut scenes, add transitions, titles, menus, etc. Anyone have a recommendation for an easy to use package?



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I just recently bought the MyDVD Studio Deluxe 5.2 and love it !! Easy to learn, easy to use and available for under $100. It workes great for putting together music video's, which is why I bought it. It really simplifies the movie editing process, so anyone with a little computer background can do it. They have an on-line tutorial section on the website, that will walk you though the program and how to use it.


There are more professional software applications available as you get into the higher price ranges, Like Adobe's Encore. Intervideo also has a $100 package that looks good, but I got a discount, as the 4.5 MyDVD package came with my new DVD player. So all I had to buy was an upgrade. I also bought the MyDVD package, because I also needed an data burning software upgrade. It also comes with a Sure Thing CD/DVD disk and case labeler package, that's easy to use.

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especially for what your needs are i recommend Magix Movie edit pro 2004.


i own Vegas+, Avid, Pinncle Liquid Pro, Adobe Premier Pro and Newteks Toaster.


guess what i use to do my wifes over 100 tapes,


its made by the same company who makes Samplitude.

it even has a chopped version of Samp in it.


learning curve a few hours, after a week your a pro.

best part its under a hundred.

and no i dont sell it....



although i agree with Frnkie also, if i had to pick a "pro" suite it would be Vegas due to its lower learning curve and price.



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Thanks for the info! I'm really new to digital video. Vegas seems to be a little out of my price range, although it looks really good. Magix and MyDVD Studio Deluxe are more in my ballpark. A friend of mine has Adobe Premier, but says it's difficult to use. Thanks for the links!



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When I was in LA I got to see Final Cut up close and personal and I was impressed. Avid was also used in a lot of the studios.


Magix sounds good though if you get a version of Samplitude with it. I used Samplitude a bit and am surprised we don't hear more about it.


Good luck

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