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Summer NAMM KC Hang

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Anyone making a special trip to Summer NAMM? Just wondering if we might be able to all do dinner or a hang somewhere. Obviously we have some local members but wondering if anyone else is coming to Nashville for NAMM. Saturday is "public day".

-Mike Martin



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I work Wed-fri nights, so I'm going to miss NAMM again this year. Saturday night is the only chance I'll have for a hang and I imagine that's not the night you'd want to do it. But if you want to sit in the hotel bar and knock one back, holler at me.

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I'm not available from noon on, Saturday; and I don't have a badge that would cover Thursday and/or Friday. So participating in a KC hang doesn't look likely.

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Unfortunately, I can't do Thursday because I'm doing a presentation on "How To Create Compelling Mixes" after NAMM at SAE Nashville (if anyone wants to go, it's free; there's info in the Personal Appearances section on my home page). But Friday or Saturday would be awesome, and I wouldn't miss it for anything. We have a lot to celebrate - I'll raise a drink to Brother Dave! Or maybe multiple drinks, just to make sure he gets the point. :)
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