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Queen's Last Music Video - OMG

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This is simply amazing. I was never a Queen fan until I was dragged to see the movie, and all of it sudden, it made sense. If you've seen the movie, this video has special significance...otherwise, it's just plain beautiful. I'd never seen this until YouTube barfed it up as one of its recommendations, I clicked on it, and after picking myself up off the floor...just had to share it. I hope you enjoy it.



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I've been a Queen fan for the best part of forty years. I wept when it came on the radio that Freddie had died. This is a very poignant video. Here's a man who is dying, and he gives a beautiful performance. A showman to the end. 'The show must go on' indeed. R.I.P. Freddie. Miss you.


Edit: Just to add to what paulkondig posted, Queen's early stuff is superb and well worth checking out. If you have time, have a listen to their second album, imaginatively titled Queen II. It's a fine, fine album.

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First viewing for me - really liked this. Considering the timeline and Freddie's health, there's much more to take in than just the music and the performance.


Exactly. It adds a level of gravitas that would never happen any other way. Also the contrast to Bowie's last video, Lazarus, is striking - there's not a trace of self-pity or fear in Queen's video, just a self-assured goodbye. Impressive as hell.


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