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Kinetic...Craig have you seen this?

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Well, I just installed it and have played with it for about 15 minutes. It's a very easy to use Groovebox, there's some definite Project5 lineage in there (specifically, the new step sequencer) but it's much more plug and play. I'll confess to getting lost for about 15 minutes just mixing various grooves and having a good time :)


The main instrument engine is a Roland "Groove Synth" sound module, one for instruments, one for drums. I also think that PSYN comes with the program, hard to tell because the instruments and FX are dumped into the Shared folder used by Sonar and Project5. It seems the best description is Project5 with training wheels -- you can be making sounds within seconds of installing it.


More to come as I find out more.

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So,..what can it do that Reason can't?

If I had a software company I would combine programs like Reason and Nuendo and ship them with 1000s of sounds... fx like greenmachine amp and Steinberg warp etc,...

Just a pure virtual studio. Just plug in the mic and guitar...use samples and beats all in 1 program.

I allways wondered why there are no software versions of an I pod btw,...I mean,...nevermind I'm visualizing the stuff I wanna have and use.

Fan, nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. Jag skulle inte satt på räpan.


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Well, there's nothing that Reason can't do :)


Mostly the difference is it already comes with lots of loops you can assemble. 200+ Roland patterns for drums and synths, 400+ Roland Groovebox instruments and sounds, 100 or so X-MiX loops. It's really designed to be more of a groovebox than a studio.


I did notice it can be a ReWire client, though. I suspect some Cubase/Sonar/Logic/DP/PT etc. users will use something like Kinetic to generate quick grooves, rewire them into a host, then throw stuff on top.

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