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Leslie model 51, worth putting $/tlc into?

Benjie P

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Hi friends, just had a Leslie 51 come into my possession basically for free. It has a Hampton speed conversion kit installed and preamp pedal, spins on fast but not on slow and if you plug anything into it it's just crunch time. Haven't played through one of these extensively is it worth putting money into it to get it in top form?
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These are fantastic Leslies. I have one in my stable.


No slow probably an issue with the Hampton.


Bad sound could be many things. Are you using a device with a 6C pinout, for starters? Not the same as 122 OR 147....

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Yes keep it:


Model 51


Cabinet: Wood

Dimensions: 41" x 29" x 20 1/2"

Rotors: 2

Amplifiers: 2 channel Tube - 40 watt rotor/? watt stationary

Speeds: Fast-Stop

Speakers: 2-F,O,P

Belts: A,B

Motor-fast: 1

Motor-slow: none

Notes: For 2 channel organs Rotor/Stat. or Main/Reverb

Hookup: Non Standard

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A model 51 can be retooled into a 122 or a 147 by changing out the amp and also installing a slow/fast motor on both rotors (or the Hamptone kit that you already have). Definitely a keeper.

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Hey Wes, kind of what I figured with the speed issue, and no was using the Leslie preamp pedal and sending a keyboard through via the 1/4" just to test it. Gonna take it in to a cat that comes highly recommended and have him get it to top form...


Thanks so much for the recommendation, sounds like this was a good score even if I have to put a few hundred dollars in to it...

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