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Disco Inferno First 2 bars


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You think you're Coltrane now? There's strings and wind in the original, some of which may well be playing pure intervals, and there's no reason to turn a perfectly decent G7sus4 there if that's in the original


Posts like this make me know you are absolutely messing with us all

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All I got is that it's the perfect intro for DJ's - both then and now. Someone was really thinking. You're not sure what the key signature is until bar 3, so it can follow anything in a mix. And you don't even have to mix the track because of the way the bass and drums are. You can just start it cold.


This track was perfectly designed for discos, and if you're playing it in a band you might want to try using it in the same way. Just slam right into it from the previous song without a break, and watch your floor explode.


Prototype house beat - straight four on the floor kick, tishy hat only on the off beat. This track is a favorite for remixers, and still sounds current even today.


I use it all the time, no matter what the age of the room. I ran it through Ableton to touch up the timing just a bit, but it was really close just the way it was. These guys really played in the pocket.

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