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Kawai MP11SE vs MP7SE


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I tried the MP11SE, the MP7SE and the ES-920 at a local dealer here a few months ago. The MP11SE felt heavier for me, not to mention it's a tank physically.


The MP7SE and the ES-920 felt pretty much the same. Not sure if the keybed is identical in both or whether the ES-920 has a more recently "improved" RHIII, but I ended up with an ES-920 as I wanted something with speakers that sounded good and was not a chore to play. Didn't care about any other "extra" sounds. Got lots of those elsewhere.


Sponge factor is not an issue compared to a lot of other DPs. Kawai actions are very good. Probably would've been happy with an ES-520, (different action) but they didn't have any and I don't buy something like that without a hands-on test drive.


I thought initially the key bounce back might be a negative factor, as my acoustic piano keys don't bounce at all. Some people have issues with this. I don't notice it at all when I play, so it's a non-issue to me.

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Anyone using that Casio PX3000? What stage 73 key? has has the best piano feel, instruments/sounds and features?


I had one & sent it back after a couple weeks because I couldn't stand the action and IIRC a lot of other people had that complaint too.

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