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New RCF TT08-A II and TT10-A II

Dave Ferris

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I saw these at NAMM. Didn't hear them but did pick them both up. Yay, a handle on the 08A ! Both felt solid ( but not heavy at all ) like you'd expect from a Pro Audio cab. They have a nice textured finish that will wear better then the painted wood old ones.


The 08A II actually looks to be a tad lighter at 24.25 lbs then my cabinet.


The RCF rep said the dispersion - really the only weak point - is better on these , in addition to the tone. He said they're totally redesigned - new amp module and speaker components.


I haven't priced them them yet with Calistro but assume they won't be cheaper then the originals. ;)


Always a slow loading website, at least here.







2005 NY Steinway D

Yamaha AvantGrand N3X, P-515





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Cool, that means there'll be more of the originals on the used market!

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Well, I received this email this morning from RCF. Looks like it's going to be a long wait.


Good Morning Dave, thanks for reaching out. 


We are manufacturing products at 4x the rate than we were a year ago, so we are shipping, but unfortunately have a large amount of backorders to fulfill first.

To your question, I do not have TT08a-MK2's or TT10a enclosures available to ship for new orders. We are accepting preorders for these products, which expect to arrive by Feb. 2023. 


Speak to your dealer again, please. The best thing to do right now is place a pre order to secure the amount of speakers you need and we will ship them as soon as they arrive. 


Jim Reed

System Designs & Product Specialist


110 Talmadge Rd
Edison, NJ 08817
732-902-6100 office


2005 NY Steinway D

Yamaha AvantGrand N3X, P-515





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