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Turn off the amp during breaks, or not?

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I'm currently using an EV SXa360 (350 watt/150 watt) powered speaker cabinet and it gets very warm after an hour. I'm barely driving it because I don't play very loud music.


When I'm doing multiple sets: 45 minutes play - 15 minutes break, should I turn the amp off during the breaks or leave it on? Which is more healthy for the longevity of the amp?

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If it's got a fan, definately leave it on. If it doesn't, bring a fan and put in on the amp.


The only falure from an amp I've ever had (since I started buying Crowns) was an outdoor gig in a tent in the summer and it was very hot. Our Crown 300 monitor amp shut itself down but was fine after cooling off. We put a fan on it and had no more problems.

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Originally posted by John O. Lennon:

No standby switch?

That's your usual option.


I can't comment on what bad things might occur from that amp overheating but as a general principle amps don't seem to sound the same when first switched on than after operating a while.

That's almost always true for tube amps... with those, I definitely recommend the standby switch and plenty of warm up time. But I'd bet dollars to donuts that the unit Petros is talking about is a solid state unit - speaker with the amp built in type thing. For those, there's usually no real warm up period required.


I agree with DC's advice: if it has a built in fan, let it run. Heck, even if it is using passive cooling (heat sinks and fins on the back, no fans), you might want to leave it on and put an external fan pointing towards the heatsinks to help with cooling.


If you're not driving it that hard, it shouldn't be getting that hot - that's what really concerns me. How old is the unit?

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If the unit has an internal fan, make sure the external fan makes the air flow in the same direction. Our church had to use a external fan on their amps but they were still shutting down. They didn't notice the fan intake on the front, so they were actually making the heat stay inside the unit. Kcbass

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Leave 'em on.

The owner's manual doesn't give any hint of issues.


If you're outdoors, make sure they are shaded somehow.


You do know that those monitors are better suited for stage monitors because of the narrow sound output angles?


Our Joint


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