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My Friend The RockStar-it's called name dropping

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Buddy Cage is a great, great, pedal steel guitar player. I got a chance to hang with Buddy in the late 80's, early 90's, and I think we're still friends. He is a really talented, cool guy. Strangely enough a good friend of mine was Buddy's drug re-hab counselor, and that's how we met, but that's a whole nother loooong story in itself.


Buddy played with Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Great Speckled Bird, etc., etc., and has recently been playing with a band called The Brooklyn Cowboys, fronted by Walter Egan, but his main claim to fame was the 11 years he spent with The New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Speaking of which, Buddy and Dave Nelson just recently reconnected and are doing some dates together, mostly in The Northeast, there's a link to a link later in my post.


Anyway I think this thread was a great way to make myself seem more important than I am, and at the same time promote Buddy. But seriously, I just happened to meet the guy, and we developed a friendship of sorts, but never played music together. HERE\'S a link to an interview with Buddy, and there's a link to his site there. He lives in New York and plays regularly at a club called Tribeca Blues, along with Levon Helm, and a bunch of other old famous, and semifamous stoners. Buddy stays very busy now playing with different groups and doing studio work. He's got a thousand stories from the old days, a lot of them unfortunately having to do with drugs and alcohol, which he'll freely admit but........you gotta love your Buddy, he's a good guy, and an amazing musician.

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Originally posted by Tedster:

Now THAT'S a cool story about a cool guy who's played with some cool bands! Thanks, Wewus!

Now THAT'S a cool post about a cool story about a cool guy who's played with some cool bands! Thanks, Tedster and Wewus!



So Many Drummers. So Little Time...
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