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Should there be an "American BAND IDOL???"

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On the surface, I would say yes. But if it starts as the commercial endeavor "American Idol" is, we'll probably wind up with a lot of Hansons and Hooties or the like. :freak:



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Originally posted by Angelrckstar:

why not, it would bring exposure to bands that may need it.

No one NEEDS exposure. It's not like clean water, or something.


If a band WANTS exposure, they need to play some gigs, develop a web presence, and if that goes well, hook up with industry insiders who can open doors for them.


Most bands will never get much exposure, because most bands either (a) suck, or (b) play music that no one wants to hear anyway. American Band Idol isn't going to change that.

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Yeah, so you have basic standard instruments set up, drums, bass & guitar amps, Grand, B3, Rhodes, and everybody uses the same setup. (no synths) OK, maybe something like one 88 key Kurzweil.

What will really be funny is watching some hard rock cats play the Barry Manilow set :D


Star Search tried that a few years ago, video taped at Disney World, didn't last long.


Sly :cool:

Whasineva ehaiz, ehissgot ta be Funky!
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