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Ray Charles is Not Dying from Cancer

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Frail Ray Charles vows to get stronger


I had the pleasure of doing some business with Mr. Charles last year. He was having a little trouble getting around because of his hips, but let me tell you that he was all there.


I saw him on the news when they conferred historic building status on his recording complex, and boy, what a difference six months can make. His hair had turned totally white (it was salt 'n' pepper last year), he needed help to stand (understandable after hip surgery), but his voice and energy were just gone.


Before this surgery, he was recording or touring constantly, singing with most of his range and power from 50 years ago, mixing his own music (!), and had his trademark wicked sense of humor.


We all gotta go sometime, but I wish him the best.

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There are others who were doing the record, Billy Joel (got hurt I think), James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt etc.


Doug, guess what cables Terry Howard uses until they run out?


Yeah, the day job cables, then Mogami, then Canare etc.


Hope Ray's well.


I saw him do a set with Michael MacDonald at that Yamaha tribute show a few years back at the Shrine.


BTW on the prototype, we discussed, I'll try to get it over this week.



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Originally posted by guitar geezer:

Well...when you see it on the cover of the National whatever at the checkout line...you KNOW it aint TRUE ;)


Best wishes To Ray, and thaks for the personal update :wave:

Yeah, I saw that the other day too. They sure know how to kick someone when they're down, don't they? :mad:


Best wishes to Brother Ray - a national treasure if there ever was one. :cool:

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I hadn't even heard the rumor that he WAS! Good news that he isn't.


Reminds me of the rumors about Bob Seger. HE'S been dying of throat cancer for 30 years now!



I started out with NOTHING...and I still have most of it left!
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