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Is "10.5" a "24" wanabee

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I thought I turned on a serious movie about the earthquake of the century, but my daughter is laughing at all of the parallels to "24".


The camera work for sure is like "24" camera work. There is the split screen with the jerky fast zoom. And there is also another formula used as well. "Clarks" father from "Smallville" plays a father called "Clark" and his daughter looks a bit like "Jacks" daughter from "24". You also have a president in this formula and a crisis every 20 minutes.


But I'm still watching it!





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I kinda liked the opening earthquake scene, then nodded-off. Haven't seen "24", it seems like the 10.5 is trying to rely on acting and unusual camera juxtaposition for content. Looks like they just figured-out that half-of California is gonna fall into the ocean :eek: - end of tonight's episode. :confused:
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i thought it was great, but then again i watch for the mindless entertainment value not to critic..

as for 24 it rocks...


it was hard to not watch my girl tonight (Alias)

i taped it ..



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I'm a big fan of many of the principle stars. I don't watch "24". That said, though I'll end up watching the whole thing, I was rather appalled at the total lack of substance beyond the special effects.


I won't rant at length, but a perfect example is the oval office after the first quake. One of the staffers balks at the President putting off the German Ambassador for the third time. The freakin' Seattle Space Needle has just crumbled and fallen, a huge earthquake has crippled that area. Does anyone believe the president would NOT cancel his entire schedule, whether he went to visit the area or not, to assist in immediate recovery? And then to have Beau Bridges spit out words along the lines of, "My people come first" like it's a necessary mechanism to show his patriotic righteousness... Please!


I'm definitely watching for the special effects. Oh, and the vain hope that Beau and Kim Delaney bite it somewhere in the mayhem for overacting. :rolleyes: (Of course I think we all know Delaney is immune, even if the entire western seaboard falls into the Pacific. ;) )

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I couldn't get past the hokey train scene.


Come on...an earthquake fault is going to follow the exact path a train is taking...for miles and miles it chases the train???


Man...it's like, ever since CGen animation became the rage...most special effects just plain suck!



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I hear ya, miroslav. And that guy on the bike trying to out run the falling Space Needle annoyed me. Ummm, why not turn left or right to get out of the way instead of biking in the same line the Needle is headed? :rolleyes:


I was a little disappointed and after the first commercial break, it just became something in the background I'd avert my attention to once in a while. The next (and last?) episode may be more interesting as they evacuate the whole west coast. For some reason, the logistics of that is really intriguing to me and I wonder how they represent it.

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Originally posted by Rim.:

I hear ya, miroslav. And that guy on the bike trying to out run the falling Space Needle annoyed me. Ummm, why not turn left or right to get out of the way instead of biking in the same line the Needle is headed? :rolleyes:


I bet he was riding an "Acme" bicycle, and studied at the "Wile E. Coyote School of getting out of the way of falling things".


Other than that...I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Perhaps I need to watch more TV.


BTW...For a moment I thought the thread title was an old "Chicago" song...


"Sitting cross-legged on the floor

10.5 or 24....."

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Being from Seattle it was cool to watch the needle bite it. :)


The biker ploy was more irritating than interesting though. (How did he get from pioneer square to the Seattle center so quickly in the middle of a major quake? Me thinks the filmmakers took geography lessons from the Sleepless in Seattle scene editors...)

And yes that train scene and the sophomoric dialog made Selena and I turn it off and watch our Netflix copy of "Big Fish". Which was a much better time eater IMHO. ;)

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Up here in the Seattle area most of the news stations had stories about 10.5


The Space Needle won't be cracking like it did on the show, it's made of steel, not concreate.


Supposed to be one of the safest locatins during an earthquake.


I took a nice ride in a five-story building during the earthquake we had a couple of years ago.


Don't think I'd want to be in the needle when the ground's shaking.




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Locally they announced on the news they're gonna show part 1 again on Saturday night. I guess alot of folks we're upset with the no audio thing.


So watch Part 2 tonight and Part 1 Saturday.

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tough shit... get used to it.

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Here's what I discovered from "10.5:"


If you're moving, an earthquake will chase you. (Earthquakes are especially attracted to the motion of bicycles and trains.)


Divorced men never have sex again.


If you're running, an ocean will chase you. Fall down and it will stop.


If an atomic bomb falls on you and pins you down, make sure you call your son.


If earthquake special effects aren't enough, try atomic bomb special effects. If that fails, try shaking the camera.




Our local NBC affiliate did a news piece, after the two-part movie ended, on southern California earthquake experts watching "10.5".


The room full of experts weren't just laughing, they were rocking in their chairs and slapping their knees because they thought it was so funny! According to them, virtually none of the "science" in the movie was accurate. Here's some of what they said:


A 10.5 earthquake is impossible on planet earth. The size of the fault required to produce such a quake would have to be half of the circumference of the planet!


The movie claimed that our instruments couldn't probe deep enough to discover the big fault line that caused the movie's quakes. However, in reality, our instruments can "see" the earth's core.


The brick buildings that the Space Needle smashed in the movie would have already long turned to rubble before the Space Needle would have fallen on them.


I felt that "10.5" swung back and forth from being so bad it was good to being just plain bad. It reminded me a lot of the wave of schlocky disaster movies that the public had to endure back in the seventies. It seems that only the special effects have improved since then.





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I have the whole thing on my Replay box. I like to study the effects, in spite of the scientific inaccuracy. At the beginning of the crumbling of the Golden Gate Bridge it looks like they were just using Kai's Super Goo to stretch it and twist it. I could tell that there was stretching because the the bridge itself began to get PIXELY.


However impressive the effect was for the crack along the railroad track, it was still pretty stupid to have it follow the train around bends for miles and miles.


The final scenes with the creation of the island were the most impressive. A few artists were employed there. Although you could still see that animation was used.





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