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JAN 2K19 GPlayer

d  halfnote

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ed notice of Roy Clark's death

ref to June 1970 & Nov 1978 interviews + alert for future article

& back page mini-bio of Clark


recap of early Santana recs



Diego Garcia (El Twanguero)

Megan & Rebecca Lovell (of Larkin Poe)

Adrian Galysh

Marty Friedman on live show recording prep

Jake Lee

Carol Kaye as young jazz guitarist, pre-studio

2 articles catching up w/John Hiatt's new & old stuff

listening / study suggestions on 30 great acoustic gtr-oriented recordings

Richard Lloyd (Television) remember him ? He's still here !

Dan Donegan

rundowns of 2 documentary films on Lenny Breau




early 1960s Marshall 4x12 speaker cabs

1964 Eko Condor gtr


[1] how to plan for a custom gtr order

[2] the skinny on tone woods


Cutthroat Audio amp

Carr Telstar amp

Yamaha CSF3M acoustic

Tech 21 Paul Landers rig

Aclam Gtrs OD

Source Audio reverb pedal

Sim 1 modeling processor




Craig Anderton on transient spikes from dynamics processors



analyses of 20 examples of the use of the Mixolydian mode


pt 1 of series analyzing electric finger-stylists Freddie King, Mark Knopfler[*] & Jeff Beck

(pt 2 next month to feature Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks !)


[*] bonus points if you find the picture of the current Mark K, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Mrando's Col Kurtz :freak:

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