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Anyone ever kept bees beefore?

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Okay. So maybe I'm losing my mind. Since I'm planting fruit trees in my yard, and a big garden...I've been thinking more about improving pollination to increase yield. And, I guess, there's a bit of music in there, too...after reading a bit on Steve Vai's beekeeping, I kinda thought...well, maybe it's not so nuts after all. And then, talking to Lee...she said "YEAH" (we agree on most stuff, except dandelions). So...the thought is kinda there at the back of my mind. But, upon reading MU's cooperative extension webpage on beekeeping, there's a heck of a lot to it! Managing a herd of dairy cows might be easier...


University of Missouri\'s "Bees for Beeginners"


So, have any of you ever kept bees?

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Bees have a sort of "collective consciousness." You have to learn to ignore single bees, and treat the hive as a whole.


If you start messing with an individual bee, they (the rest of the hive) will mess you up. If you ignore individual bees, and treat the hive with respect, you can get some nice benefits.


You have to hang with them to understand them.

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lots of bees aroun' here. lots of hives and honey stands. the honey goes quickly. You gotta think about what type of honey you wanna have.

The african killer bees were introduced I believe because they picked the red killer bee-mites off of each other.

some bees don't know to. they(the red mites) can infest and kill an entire hive in a short amount of time.

I would wish my bees to feed from fruit trees or blue berrys or strawberries.

clover honey would be goode I bet.

Start with one box. A cool hobby to teach your kids.

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You gotta think about what type of honey you wanna have.
I think about the kind of honey I want all the time. About 5'6", dark hair, deep green eyes..... :D


Yeah, clover honey is good stuff too. When I was little, the day care I went to was someone's house, and the people there used to keep bees and sell the excess honey.


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My Dad kept beehives for most of his life. I used to help him; when somebody would call the cops because of bees in their attic or whatever, the cops would call him. He'd come and find the queen and drive home with it. The whole swarm would follow.


It's interesting, they can actually smell fear - - somehow your perspiration chemistry changes when you are scared, and they know it's time to attack when they smell this.


If you're going to get hives, better count on getting honey extraction equipment. Around late July, when the honeycomb is all full of honey, the bees will swarm to find a new home if you don't remove the honey. It's quite a bit of work, but homegrown honey is so much better than storebought. A quart makes a great gift. And make some mead (honey wine)! It is the best wine I've ever had! No hangover, either.


BTW, mead and ambrosia were what the gods of Olympus ate..


The down side: Recently (within the last couple decades) viruses or parasites or something have wiped out most of the honeybees in the USA. And the ones that are left are starting to interbreed with killer bees (at least in the southwest).

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