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Anyone having problems with updated Keyboard Mag iOS app?


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Hey Folks,


I updated my Keyboard mag app on my older iPad (iOS 10.3.3) a few days ago and went through the required steps to restore my purchases. However, I am only able to restore issues from July, 2018 forward. There are at least a year's worth of issues that I bought that did not re-appear. I already contacted Future Music (no response yet), but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem, or if this was just the standard way that digital magazine issues come and go. I am one of the old guard that kept hardcopy issues starting from issue #1. Maybe my expectations require updating.

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I don't know. One of the issues I have had with digital subs is that they'll change or update the app and I won't be able to access old issues in the old app any longer, and the developer and the publisher will blame the other. Meanwhile, I'm out my old issues. :mad:


(I don't know if that applies here.)

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Agreed, restore only goes back to July 2018. Very disappointing since Ive been a (print) subscriber for 40 years and an IOS subscriber since the day it was available.


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Thanks for the reponses.

Since I posted my original question, I did get a reply from the publisher's digital support folks. They suggested that I reinstall the app and retry downloading my content. This didn't solve the problem. They also suggested that the older content might not yet have been uploaded and could appear later. There is where I am curious to know if any other digital subscribers got editions dated earlier than July 2018.


Here's their reply. Maybe some of you will find it useful.


Thanks for your email, and were sorry to hear youre experiencing a problem. Please note that we are currently in the process of transferring former Newbay media content, including your magazine, to our servers. While we do not have a final date for completion currently, rest assured out developers are working hard to ensure the migration process is completed as swiftly as possible.


However, you can also follow the procedure below to reset your credentials, which may restore some or all of any entitlements that have already been migrated.


1) Open the magazine app and tap to the 'Help' icon at the bottom of the screen. (on iPhones, tap Help, then More).

2) Tap and hold your finger on the 'Version x.x.x' number which is displayed at the bottom right (on iPhones, its at the top of the screen).

3) With 'Diagnostic Mode' window displayed, tap Reset Credentials.

4) Return to the Store page of the app and reload the page.

5) Use Restore iTunes Purchases from the Help section of the app.

6) Try downloading your issue as normal.


Finally, please be aware that we Future Publishing PLC is closed from 20th December 2018 - 2nd January 2019, and no work will be undertaken at this time. As such, it is possible that full access will not be restored until the first or second week of the new year at latest. We thank you for your patience and co-operation at this time.



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Anyone have any luck making the new app work? I got the same boilerplate response as above, except I dont even have access to a single issue, new or old. None of the suggested troubleshooting got me anywhere.


And why would they not wait until January to do this migration when their office would be open to handle customer support? So much for thinking Id catch up on my EM reading over the holidays...

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This is a huge fail. Very disappointed. I did not enjoy using that app on my iPad Mini, so I purchased a standard-sized iPad. Now I can't get to back issues.




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In case this helps anyone else... I decided to chase this down and it appears that the troubleshooting tips quoted by Piktor above only apply to subscriptions done via the Apple App Store. If you subscribed through the EM/Keyboard website (like me) then it does not apply. I'm currently arguing with them that screwing up the app to where it deletes all of my issues of EM and Keyboard is their responsibility. So far I've gotten "there is no way for us to reassign access to back issues" and "the facility and relevant servers required to do so were withdrawn by the former publishers, and it is not possible for us to reestablish these." So...blame the previous owners? Classy. Grrr... :pop: So far I have managed to refrain from using any swear words in my email correspondence so I got that going for me.


On the positive side, my subscription is nearly expired and I've figured out how to save about $20 this year. :thu:

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