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Wewus is 25 posts away from 10K

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(Yoda voice):


Post you must, young Jedi Wewus. An example you must set!


(Keye Luke from "Kung Fu" voice):


Ahh, grasshopper, observe the many fledgling posters around you. You must be a beacon to them! When you reach 10,000 posts and snatch the pebble from my hand, it will be time for you to leave.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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Originally posted by Lee Tyler:

That Wewus scares me. :D:rolleyes:

Don't be scared of TheWewus. He's just a little "different" or "special" as some people refer to him.


Michael Oster

F7 Sound and Vision

ReGurgiTron - in the USA 1 quarter, plus 1 nickel equals 30 cents.

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I've always had a soft spot for Wewus- I think it's in the middle of my head.


"More power to your elbow", as we say in England. May your posts never grow flaccid....


.....er......sorry, forget I said that.

J. Eliot Howe (Chief Gear-Pimp)


Guitaravenue L.L.C.

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