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Synth techs; Mopho keys pitch wheel problem


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Friday I did a gig. We ended our soundcheck with the first song of the show. This song has a quite prominent synth riff. After the soundcheck we went for some dinner. When we started the song I was hearing something was out of tune, I it didn't took me too long to realize it was me. I solved the situation by using another board.


Back home I tried to discover what was wrong, and it was the pitch wheel. After trying the wheel it didn't came back to the 0 position. I did't this a couple of time and suddenly it did function normal again. I tried to reproduce the problem by often en quick using the wheel and also pushing it a bit harder etc, but it kept working. Now I i'm guessing some dust in the potentiometer was causing it, but am not sure of course.


Could I run some more tests, or should I replace the potentiometer to prevent any future problems?




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Yeah, good point. Could be mechanical intermittentcy. The MEs would chalk up everything they couldn't explain to FOD (Foreign Object Debris). I'll go with solar flare induced Single Event Upset. :hitt:


Haha, yeah to be honest, I was quite relaxed about it. But our bass player was going on about that "it is broken and needs te be replaced".




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