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I wanted to be a guitar God King


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Pop star Demi Lovato has been on and off with substance issues, but is upfront about it with her audience. I think that`s better then letting publicists and `handlers` cover it up with BS.

Back to the `God-King` image, I have always found `guitar hero` to be a silly and infantile concept. I totally respect and look up to great players, but they are still people. Trying to make some kind of `role model` or living plastic action figure of them or of anyone-especially oneself-is a one-way ticket to disillusionment.


Let's not fergit that some still find an actual allure to addictions [i'm sure you can name a few examples w/out me tossing in names] & mistake "badazzery" for cool.


Note that while I might appear to be astride a high horse here, I know perfectly wel that most ppl get some artificial support sys going at least sometimes & that can range widely in nature...which leads me to the idea that the more un-natural, the more problematic.

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Ya well, to quote...myself, in a younger version-if you got rid of drugs, you would still have abuse.

Some people will find abuse, with or without an inspiration.

If by un-natural you mean removed from nature`s gifts-I totally agree.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


Skipsounds on Soundclick:


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